5 Reasons Why It Pays To Play PLO

Learn the 5 Reasons Why PLO Is So Profitable After you watch this quick video, be sure to click the link below and tune into my exclusive interview with Ben Lamb. You can access that interview by clicking the link below:  Click Here to Listen To...

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PLO QuickPro Elite: Post Flop Warfare

If you want to move up in stakes requires you to learn how to crush the small and medium sized pots. Watch this video, Lesson 10 from the PLO QuickPro Elite Program to find out how the biggest winners leverage their skill advantage the most....

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Orel Hershiser: “Create Your Own Rock Bottom”

Listen in to Major League Baseball legend turned poker player, Orel Hershiser, and learn how to put his cutting edge performance strategies to work in your game. He reveals his routine and the actual strategies he used to stay sharp and dominate at t...

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“Alien Slayer”: Fast Track To Super Nova Elite

"alien slayer" is the 2011 Poker Table Ratings Low Stakes Player Of The Year, and a student of KasinoKrime. Less than two short years ago when he came to KasinoKrime as a student, he was getting started with PLO for the first time. Since then, he has...

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