Advanced to day 3 of the Colossus (tips inside)

June 1, 2015 By: KasinoKrime


Most people don’t know that back in the day poker tournaments were created by cash game players for the purpose of stimulating more action.. NOT for creating bracelets, rings, and the other accolades that come with shipping a massive score.

That’s EXACTLY what’s happened out at the series so far. For the players who made the trek here to the desert, the cash game action has been non-stop at all stakes and rooms because of tournaments like the Colossus. I’ve fortunately had the opportunity to grind a ton of cash since I got here four days ago, but I’m also PROUD to say that I’ve advanced to day 3 of the Colossus tournament!

Advertised as the largest live poker tournament ever, out of the 22k+ entrants only 500 remain, of which I’m right in the middle of the pack. I felt there was no greater time than to make this short video for you talking about a few key strategy tips in tournament and cash game poker, and what my approach will be going down the stretch here at the Colossus.

Give it a watch and then reply to this email with your thoughts. Also, if you want to follow chip updates, follow me @jbeauprez or @ploquickpro on twitter. Let’s get ‘em!



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