"Alien Slayer": Fast Track To Super Nova Elite

February 19, 2013 By: KasinoKrime

“alien slayer” Takes You Inside His Poker Mind and Shares the Secrets Behind His Climb to Success

“alien slayer”: Fast Track To Super Nova Elite

Inside this “one one session” with Poker Table Ratings, 2011 Small Stakes PLO Player Of The Year, “alien slayer”, You Will Learn The Following…

  • How alien slayer made a successful transition from NL to PLO
  • Advice on what it takes to consistently crush the low-stakes
  • The necessary steps to improve your PLO game every day
  • Hand history review tips
  • Multi-tabling advice from a SuperNova Elite
  • How to table select effectively
  • How to keep your ego in check at the tables
  • How to cope with long stretches of negative variance
  • Learn from alien slayer’s greatest poker “aha” moments

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