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PLO Quickstats
This report makes you money… period. Here’s why. First, it’s your complete collection of PLO preflop & postflop equities. It’s perfect for beginners & transitioning players who want to know which hands to stack off with postflop. It also clearly displays profitability of semi-bluffing the turn while showing you how many outs you need to float profitably. Plus, it shows you which draws to invest with, which to avoid & much more.

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Core PLO Concepts
This video lesson is easily one of my most powerful lessons. In fact, I will not coach anyone no matter who they are unless they have already watched this lesson. It’s that important. It teaches you the core pillars of successful PLO strategy, and how expert players approach sharpening their skill set on the felt.

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PLO Video Notes
This is the first “study guide” I send to any of my prospective students, so why should it be any different for you? These 45 pages are a narrated bullet-point collection of the most important points from practically every worthwhile training video from top PLO players across the internet. This is also the SAME guide I used when I was stuck in the micros and continued to make the same mistakes session after session.

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Created by WSOP Six-Max Champion John Beauprez, Win1k is THE flagship course designed specifically for new or transitioning NL players who want to CONSISTENTLY win $1k or more each month. With more than 15 hours of carefully crafted exams, PDF’s, slide shows and detailed hand history review, this curriculum shows you how to build a complete framework of PLO theory, develop a consistent and predictable win rate at the low stakes, and FINALLY move-up in stakes.

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