Ben Lamb Interview

Ben Lamb: “Good To Great”

February 19, 2013 By: KasinoKrime

Learn About The Early Days Of Ben Lamb’s Poker Career, And How He Made His Way To The Top Of The Game

Listen in as I interview my good friend and partner here at PLO QuickPro, Ben Lamb. You’ll get the true story about how we first met a few years back in a wild underground “Rock Paper Scissors” game. If you didn’t know, I’m a pretty well known “RPS” rounder. Yea that’s right, you heard me. I do call  “Rock Paper Scissors RPS, don’t judge me 😉

Well, you’ll have to listen in to get the full story, but let’s just say I was so impressed by Ben’s “RPS” skills that night, I had no choice but to befriend him out of fear of losing my entire “RPS” bankroll. The rest is history. Now we are partners here at PLO QuickPro.


If for some outrageous reason, the promise of getting to hear the legendary tales of my underground “Rock Paper Scissors” action has not inspired you to click the play button already…

You’ll have no choice but to listen to this whole interview and benefit from good old Mr. Lamb’s PLO wisdom when you see the bulleted summary of our whole conversation below.

Here’s What You Can Expect To Learn From This Interview

Gain insight from the all time winningest tournament PLO player (Guess who that might be), as he describes the fears, frustrations, and glory of playing some of the biggest poker games in the world.
Listen to Ben’s advice on what the fastest methods for learning a new game is, and what he considers to be the KEY differentiator between a good player, and a GREAT player.

Inside this interview, we will talk about…

  • How you can work with Ben and the rest of “Team PLO QuickPro” directly inside the “PLO QuickPro Elite” Training Program.
  • How Ben dropped out of college to play poker.
  • How determination and the will to succeed are the two most important elements of playing poker professionally.
  • Why putting in a ton of volume while learning a new game is extremely important.
  • How learning a new game keeps poker fun and exciting.
  • How to use the available PLO QuickPro tools most effectively.
  • The biggest difference between good and great players.
  • How to gain an edge in PLO tournaments.
  • The nuances between online and live play, and full ring and six-max.
  • How to capitalize on players with oversized egos.
  • Advice on using (and concealing) live poker tells.

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