Ben Lamb Interview

Ben Lamb: “Good To Great”

February 19, 2013

In this interview, learn about the early days of Ben Lamb’s poker career, and his journey to the top of the game. Gain insight from the all time winningest tournament PLO player as he describes the fears, frustrations, and glory of playing some of the biggest poker games in the world. Listen to Ben’s advice on what the fastest methods for learning a new game is, and what he considers to be the KEY distinguishing factor between a good player, and a GREAT player. Finally, Ben provides quick tips for gaining an edge in PLO tournaments, and the best way to capitalize on players with oversized egos.

Triple Barreling

February 18, 2013

Successfully executing a triple-barrel bluff is one of the most thrilling plays in all of poker, but it becomes expensive when used incorrectly. In this article, discover the three key considerations to keep in mind when plotting your next triple barrel bluff.

C-Bet Sizing

Most players fall into the trap of blindly c-betting the flop without having a plan for later streets. In this article, learn how to tailor your c-bet sizing according to board texture, opponent types, and possible turn textures.

Three Betting Part One

When you learn to three bet properly, it is unanimously considered as one of the most powerful weapons in your repertoire. Of course, three betting too often turns you into a spew monkey. In this comprehensive report, I’ll teach you the who, what, when, where and why of three betting and give you the foundation you need to three bet effectively.