The GTO Guide for Crushing 3Bet Pots

October 19, 2017 By: Ken (Support)

BY FAR the hottest topic of discussion in the High-Stakes PLO community today is PLO solvers. I must get 10 Skype messages a week from students asking for answers to the following questions…

“Should I invest in a solver?”

“What’s the GTO setup for my solver?”

“Where can I download some decision trees?”

Let’s break it down.. What’s the REAL question being asked here?

From my perspective, PLO players are asking how they can make more money without risking anything…

The truth is that although solvers are rapidly changing the way regs play, simply purchasing a solver won’t turn you into a killer… Let’s look at the facts:

Does a solver make you less prone to tilt? Doubtful.

If you spend 10 hours a day for the next month memorizing solver outputs, and play EXACTLY as the solver suggest, will you be unexploitable by even the toughest regs? Definitely not.

What I’ve found surprising, is that almost everyone I know who’s bought into the magic of PLO solvers loses money at first. They either don’t know how to properly run simulations, or they misapply the knowledge from solvers.

Because of this, I’ve recorded this week’s video with PLO QuickPro’s resident GTO expert Cory Mikesell – where amongst other things, you’ll learn:

  • The two biggest mistakes made by today’s mid and high stakes PLO players (revealed by the solver)
  • Why bet sizing in 3Bet pots matters less than you think
  • Which study habits help you extract the most value out of PLO solvers

The video above also gives you a glimpse into PLO QuickPro’s newest course created by Cory, called PLO 3Bet Pots Game Theory And Practice: Unexploitable Strategies for Beating Tough Games.

It’s targeted for advanced players who want to learn how to visualize their ranges, balance their play, and relentlessly exploit their opponents. It’s the ONLY course dedicated to teaching you a framework for approaching 3Bet pots so you can exploit every player type, while avoiding getting owned by tough opponents.

As always, my passion is helping PLO players achieve their goals. Reply to this email and tell me what your goals are, and how I can help you achieve them.


John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez

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