How to Befriend a High Stakes Poker Pro

May 11, 2015 By: KasinoKrime


As you know, I’m fascinated by uncovering and hacking the best methods to systematically improve at poker… And ultimately share what I learn to help people move up in stakes as fast as possible.

I’ve found that one of the biggest barriers for players teetering on the edge of being crushers is their ability to find successful mentors. In fact, if your goal is to actually get better at poker and move up in stakes, you will need to befriend dozens of people (yes dozens!) that are far better at poker than you are.

But how do you do that if you are just a low stakes player starting with no bankroll? What if you don’t know anyone better than you? How can you POSSIBLY give a high-stakes pro the reason to teach you the valuable skills that only high-level players know?

This weeks 10 Minute PLO Lesson focuses on how you can find great poker mentors for free (perhaps even your biggest heroes), EVEN if you play low stakes, and EVEN if you don’t currently know any good poker players.

You’ll also learn:

  • The “Trusted Advisor” method and how to use it in any social situation
  • 5 non-poker areas you can specialize in to trade for poker coaching
  • How to get FREE poker advice from one of your poker hero’s
  • The RED FLAG that all pro’s look for, and how to ask for advice the RIGHT way

I enjoy doing these posts and I’m flattered by all the feedback and emails received so far. Keep them coming! My goal is to connect with as many players who are as passionate about PLO as I am this year, so feel free to sign up for your free strategy session.



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