“Inside The Mind Of Chance Kornuth”

February 19, 2013 By: KasinoKrime

Listen to 2010 WSOP $5K PLO Bracelet Winner and seasoned high stakes cash game veteran, Chance Kornuth, tell the story of how he went from grinding low stakes to exploding onto the scene of the highest stakes in the world with great success. I have been the only poker coach Chance has worked with over the years and he’s a great friend that I have also learned a great deal from.

Chance is living proof that the real difference between struggling low and mid stakes players and the top players in the world is undoubtedly, the way they THINK about the game. I have worked with Chance on his game for the last few years and have witnessed his ongoing growth as a player and a person. Not only has Chance studied the PLO QuickPro Training and applied  the information with great success at the highest level, he is a consummate professional and a model of success that you can gain priceless insight from as you move through the stakes.

In This Inerview You’ll Learn…

  • How Chance Kornuth advanced his poker career from grinding $1/2 PLO a few short years ago to winning the 2010 WSOP $5K PLO Bracelet and dominating the highest stakes PLO cash games in the world.
  • The difference between good and bad players at the low, mid and high stakes.
  • What Chance calls “Two Faces” and why tilt control is the ultimate edge.
  • Why Chance invites variance and how he continues to move toward tilting less and less every day.
  • What Chance calls the “right mindset” and the optimal state of mind behind his success.
  • How Chance has absorbed the PLO QuickPro Training and implemented it to achieve massive breakthroughs.

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