Interview with a PLO genius

January 5, 2017 By: Ken (Support)

One of the greatest benefits of being a PLO coach is having the opportunity to test new products and courses aimed at helping players take their game to the next level.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been digging into CardQuant Founder Phil Rocquemore’s newest course Poker Math 2020, which teaches you how to increase your win-rate by building better pre-flop ranges. I’ve been impressed by the content, and can honestly say it’s one of the few courses that taught me something I immediately used in my next session to win money.  

Since Phil is one of the smartest poker minds I know, I figured it’d be a great opportunity to record and share our conversation about all things PLO with you, including:

  • The evolution of playing OOP, and why top players try to peel as many opens as possible from the big blind
  • The biggest difference between players who struggle to move-up, and those who continue to crush year after year
  • The one pre-flop leak that turns losing players into winners
  • Why being a poker player can give you a huge advantage in entrepreneurship

Click here if you’d like more information about his newest product, Poker Math 2020.

GL at the tables!

John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez

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