PLO Tips for Busy Grinders #2

October 10, 2017 By: Ken (Support)

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Here’s your weekly dosage of PLO knowledge – structured so you can read through it, and use the tips in this email to win money in your next session. Let’s get right into it!

PLO Pro Tip:
It isn’t true that someone always has the nuts, but the nuts are always relevant. You should always consider: what the current nuts is, how likely it is, and what’s our equity against it?

High Stakes Hand Review:
This week I decided to do a video review of an interesting hand from the 2+2 forum…

Recommendation of the Week: Win1k
Most of the players reading this are likely micro or low stakes players who want to master the fundamentals, increase their winrate, and move-up in stakes. After all, who wants to grind the low-stakes forever? You’ve invested enough time and effort into poker over the years, why not make some real money playing the game you love?

That’s why I’m recommending my Win1k Course this week. This is my flagship course, and it’s designed primarily for transitioning NL players who want to feel as comfortable playing NL as they do in PLO, or for beginning players who want to master the fundamentals and build a solid foundation before they learn bad habits.

With more than 15 hours of theory and HH review from every street, case studies of my best students who have gone from penniless bankrolls to playing professionally, and even a 2 hour live play video from $5k SCOOP Champion alien slayer, I’d be shocked if what you learned didn’t pay for itself in your next session.

In fact.. I guarantee it. If you purchase the course and don’t believe it’s the best course you’ve ever been through, I’ll pay you $100 towards training on another site. In the end I just want to see you achieve your goals in PLO – even if it’s not through me 🙂

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John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez

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