PLO Tips for Busy Grinders #3

October 25, 2017 By: Ken (Support)

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Here’s your weekly dosage of PLO knowledge – structured so you can read through it, and use the tips in this email to win money in your next session. Let’s get right into it!

PLO Pro Tip:
Every poker decision is centered on the amount of pot equity you have. A double-suited hand flops no flush draw or backdoor flush draw of either suit only 15% of the time. Holding suited cards enables you to seize the most profitable spot in poker; the freeroll.

High Stakes Hand Review:
This week I decided to do a video review of an interesting hand from the 2+2 forum… Let me know what you think of the new format!

Stacks are DEEP! Should we semi-bluff the turn??

Recommendation of the Week:
As mentioned in the video, I’m HIGHLY recommending our newest course, called 3Bet Pots Game Theory and Practice. It’s literally the bible for formulating a bulletproof strategy for playing reraised pots in even the toughest games. These are the same tactics used by elite players for years – and if you’re a serious players looking to stay ahead of the pace of upcoming regulars, you NEED to pick up this book. In the book you receive…

  • Hundreds of never before sen “Strategy Graphs” that give the reader unprecedented vision over each player’s range
  • Clear and concise explanations of GTO strategies in PLO
  • An introduction to “Weaponized Game Theory” (This is what the best players in the world won’t tell you about)
  • How to misrepresent your range and set traps for your opponents
  • 16 in depth hand examples that carry the reader from flop to the river, analyzing each decision point and discussing important exploitive deviations along the way
  • 25 complimentary essays designed to give the reader an unshakable foundation on which to build their PLO game
  • Heavy emphasis on practicality & using game theory to exploit your opponents

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