PLO Tips For Busy Grinders #4

November 7, 2017 By: Ken (Support)

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PLO Pro Tip:
Rule of thumb on calling four-bets: it’s almost always correct to call with any single-suited unpaired, non-Ace hand that was good enough to three-bet in the first place.

High Stakes Hand Review:
Here’s this week’s newest hand history review from the 2+2 forum…

Let’s answer the question.. When should we run it twice?

Recommendation of the Week
The two biggest areas I tell new (and many times experienced players) to focus on are preflop opening ranges, and playing three-bet pots. The reason is simple – plugging leaks in these two areas generally shows the biggest results the fastest.

A preflop mistake compounds into huge bb’s lost on later streets, and likewise an error made in three-bet pots can damage your winrate because three-bet pots in PLO often play for stacks.

That’s why I created the Three-Bet Stackoff Guide. Inside you’ll learn:

  • Playing OOP: I’ve broken down the numbers to show you exactly when to make a tight check/fold or unexploitably ship in your stack in close spots – clearly outlined in easy to understand tables & charts
  • Aggressive Opponents: Learn how to build unexploitable shove ranges against even the most frustrating opponents
  • Detailed Hand Charts: 18 deep-dive PokerJuice simulations allow you to see only the numbers that matter, without being overwhelmed with data
  • Boarding School: You’ll discover which boards to pound with semi-bluffs & avoid disaster by making thin folds. You’ll also learn why I tell my students “in 3bet pots, the board is more important than your hand…”

Click here to grab your copy now!

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