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“I’ve worked with John to teach PLO to many students, through both videos and coaching. He’s always one of the first recommendations I make when people ask me for a PLO coach. If you are serious about improving your PLO game, checking out PLO QuickPro is a no-brainer!”

-DJ Sensei, DeucesCracked Executive Producer

“Before I put my horses in the games, I make them go through the PLO QuickPro Program first. If this can’t make you winner, nothing will.”

-Ben “benba” Lamb, FTOPS Winner and High Stakes Pro

“PLO QuickPro is an excellent, easy-to-use training program for beginning, intermediate and advanced PLO players. It combines top-quality content with an innovative format and is certain to improve the game of anyone who puts effort into using it.”

-Tom Chambers, AuthorAdvanced PLO Theory, CardRunners Coach, and co-founder of

“KasinoKrime is the only coach I’ve ever had so naturally I’m a little angry that he’s releasing this PLO QuickPro to the public like this. Plain and simple, the information in this product has made me a ton of money and when you get PLO QuickPro you get the exact same information that I rely on when the BIG MONEY is on the line.”

-Chance Kornuth, 2010 WSOP – 5K PLO Bracelet Winner and High Stakes Pro


“In February of 2011 I was playing $00.10/$00.20, yes you read that right, 10 cent/20 cent. The combination of personal lessons and the PLO QuickPro videos have had a monumental impact on my game. Before I began coaching with KasinoKrime, I struggled with managing my aggression. I had trouble identifying the differences between unnecessary spew and controlled aggression. To fix this, KK taught me how to properly analyze board textures, in addition to the fundamentals of hand reading. Ultimately, KK’s coaching allowed me to turn my greatest weakness into my biggest strength. Instead of staring at an endlessly plummeting redline each month, I’m actually winning money in NSDW pots now. In the end, I graduated from 20PLO to 600PLO in only 15 months. I found I had a lot of trouble recognizing good spots to apply pressure, More than anything, he helped me channel my aggression by understanding and. To this day, I’ve never met another player that crushes the Non-Showdown pots like I do.”

-David “Danfiu” Mezei, Won $32,545 at WCOOP-27: $215 PL Omaha  Sep 16th, 2013

“There’s definitely a ton of info.PLO QuickPro is just like bitchslap after bitchslap of truth.”

Orestto Robles,Small Stakes Coach

“Hey John,

I’m totally terrific about the content. It is so didatic, so easy to understand, I don’t know if my NLH known helps me to understand, but it is so simple, I just need to review some times and pratice a lot to be certanaily than I’m put on the tables the content.

The PLO Quick PRO have been great so far, never expected to be so good as have been. You make the things too much clear, I’m liking a lot and wanna see all the lessons as soon as possible, but I’m trying to see one lesson and go pratice ! :)”

-Renan “Razios”

“PLO QuickPro was the best material I’d ever read on the subject. Many of the concepts on reading flops not only helped my PLO game but other flop games as well. Definitely recommend.”

-Adam Junglen

“Hey KK,

I recently purchased PQP based on a recommendation from a friend and hearing good things from Bart Hansen.

It is fantastic, after previously using packages from other well known players for SNGs, NLHE cash and live games; nothing has come close to being this informative and well structured!”

-Nick Embury

In November, I enrolled in the PLO QuickPro Elite program and went through the entire program by the end of December. I was already a solid holdem player, and had been playing in an extremely loose, live 10/25 HA game all year. In 2011 I was a small loser  in Omaha and made decent money at holdem. This year, the same game runs weekly, I have made money 9 out the first 11 weeks of the year in PLO, and I’m up a total of $124k since going through the PLO QuickPro training. This is the same game, many of the same players I broke even against last year.”

PLO QuickPro Elite taught me a HUGE amount about playing nutty hands and playing the turn aggressively. I also learned to use my stack as weapon. I think “Lesson 4: To Raise or Not To Raise”, “Lesson 6: Four Betting”, and “Lesson 10: Potflop Warfare” were the biggest help to me, but they were all great. The way the lessons are structured, you actually end up improving the way you think about poker in general, and as a result, your holdem game improves as well. I also got a lot of value out of being able to contact KasinoKrime directly and ask him questions about specific situations I was struggling with. KasinoKrime was able to give me some profitable insights that were not in Jeff Hwangs book. PLO QuickPro gets my highest recommendation.

-Robert Koltun

“I’ll try not to ramble and make this short. To sum it up, the best video producer I’ve ever seen in making things “simple” is BalugaWhale. The PLO QuickPro Lessons were as good or better than any video I’ve seen from Andrew (BalugaWhale) or anybody else in taking complex (to me at least) concepts and making them palatable. The lessons waste no time and are packed with value, I really think this program is awesome. This may sound inflated, but fuck it. When a man makes a good product I’m going to tell him about it.
Just like if he makes a shit product I’ll tell him that too.”

-Michael Morgan

“PLO QuickPro gives you the best of both the training site and personal coaching worlds. You get the most comprehensive PLO theory curriculum out there, combined with personal attention from world class players and coaches.”

-Jared “harrington25” Bleznick

“Dude, PLO QuickPro ROCKS. I am transitioning to PLO from 100/200 {6 max and Heads Up} Fixed Limit, and now playing PLO 200 HU. Since enrolling in PLO QuickPro Elite, I’ve made it through the first 9 lessons so far, and, “Lesson 5: 3-Betting.”, “Lesson 6: 4-betting.” and “Lesson 9: C-Betting.” alone improved my game in a BIG way already. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! As soon as I move up in stakes and I am more confident about my game, I plan on taking some private lessons.”


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