What’s your line? Deep stack strat inside..

October 18, 2016 By: Ken (Support)

Is there a better feeling than stacking someone in a giant pot, immediately after sitting down for a cash game session?

Obviously building a winning image, suddenly being deep with everyone else at the table, and confidently building a big stack are all benefits of shipping a nice pot early on.

But the real question becomes…

Is it better to be satisfied with booking a nice session and put your chips on lockdown? Or should you go for glory.. Put the pedal to the floor, and apply maximum pressure now that you have a mountain of chips to work with?

In this video, I talk about how to approach playing 200bb stacks using some recent hands I observed from today’s top grinders at the PLO500 Zoom tables.

Specifically you’ll learn:

  • Why high stakes player three-bet so much when deep stacked
  • The hand structures you can three-bet at 150bb+ but not at 100bb
  • The most overplayed draw in deep-stacked PLO
  • How to think through “polarized” river situations when facing a big bet

The feedback on the last video using this format was great! But as always, I love hearing your input on the hands and suggestions for further videos.

Reply directly to this post with any PLO questions you have – I read every one! My goal is to connect with as many passionate PLO players as possible. Is that you?


John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez

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