How To Double Your Winrate In The Next 28 Days!
Your Host: WSOP Bracelet Winner John Beauprez
Here's What You're Going To Learn On Today's Workshop:
INTRO: Meet Me & Learn How I Went From Working Nights To A WSOP Bracelet
I started playing PLO at micros, but never intended to play for a living. Even after studying everything I could get my hands on... I'd end up tilting away my meager winnings until I discovered the system you'll learn during this training.
PART 1: How To Efficiently Streamline Your PLO Education For Max Profits In Min Time
Learn how to strategically navigate the “PLO Jungle” so you can extract maximum value from studying, and spend more time confidently putting in volume.
PART 2: How To Instantly Profile Your Opponents
Too many players rely on HUD’s to make decisions for them. I’ll show you how to identify leaks that aren’t revealed on a HUD, and take notes that actually make you money.
PART 3: How To Optimize Post Session Review
95% of players have terrible post-session review methods. With more than 5M hands under his belt, alien slayer shows you the process he’s perfected so you can copy/paste it into your routine.